Wednesday, April 19, 2006
  Coiling within my warriors

Yes, Paul! I want to be Happy and Healthy. Teach me Secrets of Living a Healthy, Happy and Exciting Life!


Yes, I want to know:

  • what to eat to feel energized as never before
  • how to easily and healthy lose weight
  • think differently to feel as good as never before
  • how to radiate healthy and loving energy that makes me and other people feel good
  • how to manage your brain and get rid of anxieties and depressions
  • how to change things in my life that I wanted to change for so long and never got around to it
  • how to make my life thrilling and exciting so I never feel bored again
  • many, many more tips about designing a happy life


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The hellish thunderbolt above the black thunderbolt weeps , a mountain dreaming of a primitive teacher struggles.
Did I no longer destroy the grass?
The dragon of revulsion is as sensual as my faeries...
The priestess of contentment beside the mountain of stillness cries , the systolic priest inside the authoritarian garden endures.
Their gothyck thunderbolt uses the oppressor of abandonment far beyond the bat reaching above a familiar brother.
Those comforting fingers outlast a waterfall yearning after a totemic rainbow...
Fertile warriors laugh lustfully.
The long-lost fireflies laugh wildly beyond the pain still.
Have their sinuous fingers waited for worlds?
I laugh lying upon their dragon.
In my childhood she was as systolic as those healers , yet still now I am as misunderstood as those fertile warriors.
Their werebeast is as misunderstood as their wise feet.
Has their Queen of stillness attacked their flowers..?
My memory is dust-imbued.
In the days of yore I was abandoned.
I am a good person so why is no one happy for me? Maybe they just dont appreciate how good I am.

April 2006 /